4 shifts in the E-Commerce platform

I believe the inevitable shift of importance from the business itself given to the consumers today in the business of e-commerce is one which has been predicted for the longest time and rightly been a long overdue as well. there have been several predictions in the e-commerce ethos given by several experts out there in the field but here are some of the things I strongly agree with as time will tell!

  1. It’s very interesting to find out that since the evolution of e-commerce giants like amazon, e-bay and the likes has come to the surface battling it out for their own piece of army(customers) through the most innovative ways to capture their customers’ minds (top of mind awareness), it’s been a rollercoaster for each of the competitors as a financial drain, fight for the most intelligent brains in the market and all in all providing the best and most ideal environment to grow in along with the organizations, all of which starts and ends with $$$.


2. Content is king: content is finally getting its due since its inception or rather since it’s been considered important in the whole picture! thanks to the several algorithm adjustments by Google, it has improved the SERPS, ranking the web pages rightfully according to the relevance, authenticity and authoritative content out there on the web. this has also been good news for any business out there small or medium in attracting the audience and ranking high on the SERPS solely on the basis of its original powerful content! It must also be noted that ranking high in the SERPS doesn’t happen overnight instead takes a long time building its authority and credibility. On the other hand, the bigger organisations will also have to go through the same drill when it comes to SERPS, hence the earlier one starts, the better it is!


3. Cashing in on the micro-moments: interestingly enough, though the cash flow in an organization is very vital for the growth of the organization, in today’s e-commerce environment, banking in on the micro-moments experienced by the vast consumers have also started playing an important role in capturing the right audience, eventually also true evangelists for the organization, believe it or not! The moments are simply where the customers are at the time of dispersal of the content, it is most ideal to reach the customers where they are instead of making the customers come to the information (content) which is simply considered a failure of the whole practice which will result in the minimum result 😦 Instead it is vital to reach the customers where they are on whichever channel they might be on? to understand the mood of the customers and bank on that precisely, the more accurate you are, the better you can market! Conclusively, to study the micro-moments of the consumers insightfully and smartly giving the right boost to the growth of the organisation in providing marketing its product or services.


4. Consumer fragmentation a challenge and an opportunity: unlike the traditional way of studying consumers, where the traditional organisations used traditional media simply targeting them through print media and television, the consumers today has evolved! Today the market has realised the true importance of the consumers out there, hence making it a real challenge for all brands out there to fight for the same lot of audience! Though the market sounds small, but it is because the preference of the consumers has grown immensely, the consumers have finally started thinking rationally, intelligently about their needs and preferences, and since the organisations and brands have also realised that, it is up to them to capture the audience intelligently too! Hence, the audience has been fragmented by infinite folds, and it is left to the brands and organisations to change the minds of the consumers in their favour through their several innovative ways!


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